My name is Jarrett Leiker, I have been practicing karate for 30 years, but I was just like many of you 15 years ago.  I wanted to get better and I wanted make my students better.  But I had NO IDEA WHERE TO START.  I felt stuck.  Well, good news.  The past 15 years I have traveled the world learning from top karate practitioners and masters in both sport karate and traditional karate.  In addition to learning the technical secrets of the top karateka in the world, I extensively studied the human body and its mechanics related specifically to karate.  The results for my students have been incredible.  From World Karate Federation (WKF) Medals to championship titles in open sport karate circuits like the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), my athletes are experiencing tremendous success.  Did I mention that most of them live hundreds, and even thousands of miles away from me?  Some even live on a different continent!  How is this possible?  Let me introduce you to the Kata Mastery Online Academy.

What is the 
Kata Mastery Online Academy?
  • Live weekly classes
  • ​Live monthly seminars
  • ​Live 1 on 1 private lessons
  • ​Train at your own pace courses
  • ​Specifically-designed training plans
  • ​Strength & speed Training for your kata
  What are others saying about Kata Mastery coaching?
You are one Step away From Starting to Develop 
World-Class Kata!
I 100% GUARANTEE that you will love this training experience, or I will reimburse your first month, in full.  Crazy, right?  My approach to creating high-level kata athletes WILL change your game FOREVER.  
"Jarrett Leiker has changed my dojo & martial arts training forever!"
“Sensei Jarrett is relentless, he will keep working with you until you reach your goals and he will never give up on you! I would recommend Jarrett Leiker to anyone I know that trains in traditional kata and wants to elevate their game.” 
James Heaton, School Owner & World Champion- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"Under Jarrett's instruction, I have become a multiple-time World Champion."
“Jarrett is more than just an instructor, he is a mentor and an amazing role model. I love training with Jarrett because every time we work together I improve and he sees the things in my katas that nobody else can see. Under Jarrett Leiker’s instruction, I have become a multiple-time World Champion.”
Mason Stowell, World Champion & Team USA Member (WKF)  Denver, Colorado, USA
"I 'm blessed to have Jarrett Leiker as my sensei and coach."
“I have worked with Jarrett since October 2015 every week in private lessons and in the World Champion Training Arsenal. Jarrett knows how to improve my katas, make my training fun, and he fixes EVERY little detail to help me reach my goals. I’m blessed to have Jarrett as my sensei & coach.”
Vladimir Varin, World Champion & Team Canada Member (WKF) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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